Track Quests in your favorite RPGs

Details on tracking Quests with the Shattered Ring app.

Screenshot of Quest list on Shattered Ring app, iPad & iPhone

Track important quests in Elden Ring, another RPG game, or your regular D&D game. You can add notes for a quest, see the NPC who gave the quest to you, and filter by complete or incomplete quests.

View Quests at-a-glance in the Quest list

Screenshot of Quest list on Shattered Ring app, iPhone

From the Quest list, you can easily browse quests and their completion status. You can view all quests by default, or filter the list to see only complete or incomplete quests. A green checkbox at the right of a quest row indicates the quest is complete.

The search field lets you find Quests by name, and it also searches the text of the notes you’ve added for each quest. Can’t remember what you called a quest but you know it involved a howling wolf? If you jot down that note, you’ll be able to find your quest again!

Track important Quest details

Screenshot of Quest details on Shattered Ring app, iPhone

The Quest view provides details about your important quests.

The top part of the quest view contains a clickable toggle to keep track of whether you’ve completed the quest.

Below that, you’ll see a tabbed view where you can drill deeper into quest details:

  • Notes
  • Quest Giver
  • Images
  • Links


When you open the quest view, you’ll see notes associated with your quest. You can add or edit notes from here. The note area is a scrollable field, so there’s no end to how much text you can have in the notes for each quest.

Remember that the Quest list lets you search the text of quest notes, so if you want to search for a quest that gives you a specific item as a reward, or requires a specific item to complete it, jot it down in the notes. Then you can search for that item later when you want to remember which quest it was for or which quest giver has the item you want!

Quest Giver

When you click into this tab, you’ll see a quest giver, if you’ve added one. When you add a quest-giver, you can choose from an existing NPC, or create a new one. Quests only have one quest giver.

The quest giver is a clickable link that takes you to the NPC who gave you the quest, where you can check out NPC notes or the location to go back to the NPC after completing the quest.


You can save images to the quest view. This is great if you want to grab a screenshot of an important quest-related location on the map to help you find it more easily. Or if you want to grab an image of an NPC related to a quest, or an item or monster related to the quest.

Save links to your favorite quest walkthroughs and wiki entries. You can add as many links as you’d like, so if you like more than one walkthrough because they provide different info, link them all! When you click a link, it opens the page in a browser on your iOS device.

Easily enter new Quests

Screenshot of form to create a new Quest on Shattered Ring app, iPhone

iOS apps where you have to enter a lot of data are no fun to use, so Shattered Ring has been designed to make it as easy as possible to add new quests.

From the Quest list, click the plus icon in the upper-right corner of the screen to create a new quest.

In the new quest form, you can add a name, flip a toggle if the quest is complete, and hit the Save button. You can also add notes when you create the quest, or you can go back later and add them when viewing quest details.

After you create the quest, you can go to the quest’s detail view to add NPCs.

If you create the quest from the NPC view, the quest-giver is automatically populated with the NPC whose view you created the quest from.

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March 4, 2022
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