Why an RPG task-tracking app?

I played Elden Ring for 2 hours with a notebook. I could barely make sense of my chicken scratches. I knew if I got 20 or 100 hours into the game, my notes would be a jumbled mess. That’s what had happened with every D&D campaign where I’ve attempted to make notes about important NPCs, locations, or quests.

I wanted an iPhone app that would allow me to easily track NPCs, Locations, and Quests. I couldn’t find one on the App Store, so I wrote one, modeled after a task tracker app. I designed it to be easy to enter, find, and update info about RPG games. It works great as a campaign tracker for D&D and other TTRPGs, too!

As folks have started using the app, they’ve been requesting new features. Boss tracking, adding images to entries, and adding links to entries are all fan-requested features. See the FAQ for a list of current feature requests.

The Shattered Ring app is powered by SwiftUI and MongoDB Realm.

Shattered Ring

An RPG Task Tracker App