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Does the app come pre-loaded with Elden Ring NPCs, Locations, Quests, and Bosses?

Shattered Ring is designed to be a spoiler-free tracking app that lets users manually enter NPCs, Locations, Quests and Bosses as they encounter them. It doesn’t come pre-populated with a checklist of entries by design. In addition to being a choice to keep the app spoiler-free, it’s also not pre-populated because some folks might also use it as a D&D or other TTRPG tracker, so having preset data wouldn’t make sense for other games.

However, if there is enough demand for a feature like this, it’s potentially something I could add. If this is something you’d like to see, send me an email or vote for it when I put up a Twitter poll to prioritize feature requests.

Does the app update automatically based on game progress?

That would be really cool! But unfortunately, there are no publicly-available APIs that would let me get updates from your gameplay. This level of integration is something that FromSoftware would need to provide.

I’d like to see a feature - how can I request it?

I’m so thrilled and humbled to see other fans using and enjoying the app, and to find out folks are interested in requesting features. Thank you for your interest!

For now, feel free to reach out to Shattered Ring on Twitter or send us an email via the Support form to request a feature. When I have time to add new features to the app, I’ll put up a Twitter poll to help me prioritize which features to add first.

Currently, features that have been requested include (updated March 31, 2022):

  • Preload NPC, Location and Quests data for users to check off
  • Add the ability to track Regions, with Locations belonging to a Region
  • Translate the Shattered Ring app to other languages (so far I’ve had requests for Italian, French, and German)
  • Add the ability to track Items, possibly with types like Weapon, Consumable, Key Item, Equipment, Spell, etc. Link them to locations and/or NPC merchants.
  • When adding a merchant, have a separate section for the merchant’s inventory versus general notes.
  • Add types to locations, such as caves, forts, etc. in the location section

Feature Requests Completed:

  • Add ability to to edit names of NPCs, Locations, and Quests: Release 1.1.0 adds the ability to edit names
  • Add ordering for lists (alphabetical, and/or potentially the ability to move items in lists manually): Release 1.2.0 adds the ability to sort lists alphabetically using the Sort toggle in the menu bar, or you can use the Edit button to manually drag items around in the list. Sort and Edit are mutually exclusive, so if you have the Sort toggle enabled, you won’t see the Edit button - untoggle Sort if you want to drag an important item to the top of the list.
  • Add the ability to track Bosses to the app: Release 1.2.0 adds Bosses to the app; you can now create them, view them at locations, add notes to them, and track the ones you’ve defeated. The Game list now shows defeated vs. undefeated boss counts.
  • Support for adding photos to NPCs, Locations and Quests: Release 1.3.0 adds the ability to save images to NPCs, Locations, Quests, and Bosses. Grab a picture of the game map and save it to the location so it’s easier to find again, or get an epic screenshot of a boss fight and save it to your defeated boss. (Or if you don’t defeat the boss, save it as a reminder to go back when you’re better equipped!) There is a new Images tab where you can save as many images as you’d like.
  • Link characters/locations/quests to their respective Wiki entries: Release 1.3.0 adds the ability to add links to NPCs, Locations, Quests, and Bosses. There is a new Links tab where you can save as many links as you’d like. Add a link to your favorite wiki, and a link to a walkthrough guide, and a link to items a boss drops or an NPC’s inventory - whatever you want to link to! The links are clickable from the app, and open in your iOS device’s browser.

I do intend to keep developing Shattered Ring as long as folks are interested in using it, so I’m happy to hear any feature requests you might have.

Why do the Android and iOS versions of Shattered Ring not have the same features?

Shattered Ring is a fan-developed app written by an indie iOS developer. However, so many folks asked for an Android version that I’ve partnered with an Android developer to bring you one. We’re both working on these apps as side projects in our free time, and may not have exactly the same feature set at all times. The details on this site are for the iOS version.

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March 7, 2022
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