Track NPCs in your favorite RPGs

Details on tracking NPCs with the Shattered Ring app.

Screenshot of NPC list on Shattered Ring app, iPad & iPhone

Find out how you can use the Shattered Ring iOS App to track NPCs in your favorite RPGs.

Track important NPCs, including details like:

  • Their locations
  • The quests they give you
  • Notes
  • Special details, like whether an NPC is a merchant

View NPCs at-a-glance in the NPC List

Screenshot of NPC list on Shattered Ring app, iPhone

From the NPC list, you can easily browse important details about your NPCs. The icons next to NPC Kale’s name in this screenshot give you a quick snapshot:

  • The dollar sign means the NPC is a merchant
  • The location arrow means the NPC is associated with one or more locations
  • The ellipses with the pencil icon mean that the NPC has given you one or more quests

You can view all NPCs by default, or filter the list for NPCs that are merchants or NPCs that have given you a quest.

The search field lets you find NPCs by name, and it also searches the text of the notes you’ve added for each NPC. Can’t remember an NPC’s name but you know they’re a creepy half-orc? If you jot down that note, you’ll be able to find your NPC again!

Track important NPC details

Screenshot of NPC details for Kale on Shattered Ring app, iPhone

The NPC view provides details about your important non-player characters.

The top part of the NPC view contains a clickable toggle to note whether the NPC is a merchant. You can use this in the NPC list to filter on NPCs that are merchants.

Below that, you’ll see a tabbed view where you can drill deeper into NPC details:

  • Notes
  • Locations
  • Quests
  • Images
  • Links


When you open the NPC view, the first thing you’ll see is NPC notes. You can edit notes from here, and the note area is a scrollable field, so there’s no end to how much text you can have in the notes for each NPC. Keep track of important bits of dialogue, or note down items that the NPC sells. Remember that you can search the contents of notes from the NPC list view, so if you can’t remember which NPC sells the item you’re looking for, jot it down for the notes and then search for it later in the NPC list!


You can view the location of an NPC, or add new locations to the NPC if the NPC moves around. The location list shows you amenities that are at the location, and whether or not you’ve cleared a location. For more details, see: Locations.


You can also view the quests that the NPC has given you, or add new quests as the game progresses. The quest list shows a green checkbox for quests you have completed. For more details, see: Quests.


You can store images for the NPC. Grab a screenshot of the NPC’s inventory if you don’t want to type it all out in the notes, or just a screenshot to help you remember what they look like so you can more easily find the NPC again. You can also grab a screenshot of the map to help you remember where to find an NPC.

Save links to your favorite websites that give you the information you want about your NPCs. Is there a great walkthroughs for NPC quests? Save a link to it. Do you want to reference lore about the NPC? Add a link to the NPC’s wiki. When you click a link, it opens the page in a browser on your iOS device.

Easily enter new NPCs

Screenshot of form to create a new NPC called Thops on Shattered Ring app, iPhone

iOS apps where you have to enter a lot of data are no fun to use, so Shattered Ring has been designed to make it as easy as possible to add new NPCs.

From the NPC list, click the plus icon in the upper-right corner of the screen to create a new NPC. In the new NPC form, you can add as little as a name, flip a toggle if the NPC is a merchant, and hit the Create NPC. You can also add notes when you create the NPC, or you can go back later and add them when viewing NPC details.

After you create the NPC, you’ll get a pop-up asking if you want to add any quests or locations to the NPC.

Screenshot of modal asking if you want to add quests or locations to the new NPC on Shattered Ring app, iPhone

If you just want to record the NPC, you can press Nope to stop here and go back to the NPC list.

If you do want to add a quest or location for the NPC, you’ll go to the NPC detail view in a little pop-up sheet where you can find or create locations and quests to add to the NPC.

Screenshot of view to add locations and quests to an NPC, iPhone

After you’re finished adding quests or locations to your new NPC, click Done at the top of the sheet and you’ll go back to the NPC list view.

If you’ve already entered a location or quest that you want to add to an NPC, don’t worry! When you create a new NPC, you can choose existing locations or quests as well as create new ones. And you can always go to the NPC view to add a location or quest to the NPC, whether you want to add one that you created separately, or you want to create a new one for this NPC.

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March 6, 2022
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